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A message from our President

Hello coaches and board members:
In my continuing efforts to improve the skill level, knowledge, and interest in our club, I have been in touch with CHALLENGER BRITISH SOCCER.  This organization is a world leader in soccer instruction.  They are the number one soccer camp in the US, and execute the highest level of instruction.  Niel Fildes is the Regional Director from Cincinnati OH and I have asked him to attend and run my practice next Wednesday at 5pm at our soccer field.  He has accepted my offer and will be driving here next Wednesday.  I am asking all coaches and board members to attend to see how his organization works.  After the practice, he would like to chat with our Club members in a question and answer session.  My goal is to secure a summer clinic for our Club at our complex.  Please try to attend next Wednesdays practice.  Good luck to all of our teams this weekend.  Please feel free to forward this to other HSC members.  One last item, watch for the next issue of the South Side School Newsletter for HSC info.
Larry Buffalini, HSC President

Hanover Soccer Club
139 Ambrose Drive
Clinton, PA 15026